What’s in a name?
TransPac stands for a number of things. “Trans” refers to the translation work we do, and “Pac” to our educational packaging. TransPac is also short for “TransPacific,” which reflects our origins as an education company meeting the needs of organizations on both sides of the Pacific. TransPac is also the name of sailing race across the Pacific that we aspire to enter.
About us
TransPac Education Services is an educational consulting and publishing company located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. In our educational consulting capacity, TransPac helps British Columbia school districts market their programs in Japan. On the publishing side TransPac specializes in Asian markets by providing local and international publishers with a range of services, including authoring, content and development editing, localization, full-service packaging, translation, and marketing.
TransPac is managed by principals Steve Ziolkowski (photo, left) and Alan Bryce (photo, right), who work with a network of professionals in Canada, the U.S., Asia, and elsewhere. We conduct our business in a professional, ethical manner and pride ourselves on being good listeners and prompt communicators committed to delivering on schedule exactly what we say we will. We also creatively use technology to bring our clients and our staff/associates closer together.
Born in Montreal, Quebec, Steve Ziolkowski has a B.A. in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Guelph and an M.A. (TESOL) from S.I.T. in Brattleboro, Vt. Steve has taught at a broad range of institutions from kindergarten to university in Canada, Japan, and Taiwan and has given over 100 teaching presentations in six countries. Steve has lived in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Taiwan, and Japan and, before returning to Canada in 1997, was Managing Director of Oxford University Press, Japan. He is the author of successful English Language Teaching (ELT) textbooks such as J-Talk and Champion, among others, and is a published novelist. Steve’s interests include songwriting, traveling, sailing, and writing.
Alan Bryce hails from Victoria, B.C. and now lives on a small island not far from his hometown with his wife, Uta (translator), and their three bilingual/bicultural children. Alan graduated from the University of British Columbia and has a teaching certificate from the University of Victoria. Alan has traveled and sailed all over the world and has taught in high schools in Canada and in junior high schools and colleges in Japan. Alan also helped found a translation/copywriting company in Tokyo, Struggling Artists International, for which he remains a director. Alan has done extensive copywriting, editing, and translation work for major international companies and handles the educational consulting side of TranPac’s business. An avid sailor, Alan savors the outdoor life.
TransPac Education Services
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